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Tactical Vehicles
Military Vehicle Parts

M998, 1-1/4 Ton Cargo Troop Carrier

The off-road High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is a very versatile truck. Hummer is called multipurpose because it can be used for a variety of tasks. The HMMWV comes in many configurations. It can have two or four-doors, and the HMMWV accessories and components are limitless. CSI supplies the HMMWV trucks and spare parts to maintain them.

M809 5 Ton, 6x6 Truck Specs

These M809 5 Ton , 6X6 trucks have been used by the U.S. Army for many years. CSI makes these 6X6 trucks available to the commercial and military markets worldwide. These off-road, heavy duty 6 X 6 trucks can be utilized to mount wreckers, dump trucks, tractor trucks, water truck, fuel truck.

M923/M925 Used Trucks for Sale
2.5 Ton 6x6 M35 Truck

5 Ton, 6X6, Bridge Truck Specs
M923 Truck Specs

These army surplus 6X6 trucks are another popular seller. These 5-ton, 6X6, military trucks can be used by both the military and commercial markets. These off-road, heavy duty trucks have been extremely successful throughout the years; these 6X6 trucks perform to capacity and are being used in the mining, logging, utilities, construction industries to name a few.

M44 2.5 Ton, 6 X 6, Truck Specs

The M35 truck, although smaller than the 5-ton truck it certainly is equally dependable and performs just as efficiently with smaller payloads. The U.S. Army used these 6X6 military trucks for many years with excellent results.
All the military trucks that CSI has in inventory can be sold reconditioned and/or remanufactured. The scope of work that will be performed on the trucks will depend on the degree of refurbishment that the customer requires. All reconditioned trucks are fully serviced, and repaired; once the customer received them, they are ready for their intended operational use.

Reconditioned And Re-Manufactured Military Tactical Trucks

If you are interested in any of these military vehicles below (used 4X4 pickup trucks, dump trucks, wreckers, HMMWV etc.), please click here.

Off Road Military Trucks
Troop Cargo Trucks
Wreckers Army Surplus Vehicles

Tactical Vehicles

Military Vehicle Parts

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